Late Victorian Ladies Swimsuits

Tryp Tych Concert and Opera hastily commissioned us to create two women’s bathing costumes from the Victorian period for a film they were producing when, during other filming, it was suggested that swimming scenes would be appropriate. We immediately got to work creating these outfits.

We chose to create complementary but not identical bathing costumes as this would be more visually interesting for the audience and also give each of the two women in the film individuality. It would also be more realistic to have people with different garments and not be dressed as twins.

With the women not having period hair styles, maintaining a head covering was important. Research showed that a mop cap could be appropriate so we created the above head coverings. The lace trim was added to give them some visual interest. The fabric also allowed light to filter through which provided some wonderful film footage in the setting sun.

The dark fabric and buttons of the garments were identical allowing for continuity but the trims and design of the swimsuits were chosen to be different. This not only allowed for us to create each suit in a style that complemented the performer, it also allowed for us to display more of the styles of the period in the film.

The garments were not made to just look right, we also made them to be functional so they could be used for swimming.

It is always a pleasure to work with Tryp Tych Concert and Opera and we look forward to many more projects with them in the future.