Winter Opera Costume

We were commissioned by Tryp Tych Concert and Opera to create costumes for two short opera videos they were producing.

We created this costume for tenor, Lenard Whiting, to wear while performing “Panis Angelicus”.

We created the costume to fit within the 1780’s time period. The dark cloak and tricorn hat were typically worn by men of that period and made for a dramatic contrast against the snow.

The red lining of the cloak gave it a strong colour while still being true to the time period. By having it paired with the carnations in the film, it helped unify the palate.

Due to this being a winter scene, we added the detail of a fur collar. The addition of the fur also read well on screen as it caught the snow in a different manner than the other fabrics and, therefor, added additional visual texture. It also communicated that the cloak was appropriate for the season.

We purposely kept the tricorn hat simple in its details. In keeping with the somber nature of the scene, the ribbon and trim are both black. They add detail without inappropriate flash.

The costume made for a perfect fit for this film and we look forward to working with Tryp Tych Concert and Opera in future projects.