About Us

Glitter Prince Designs was formed when a performer and a costume designer joined forces to create inspired designs for the spotlight. Whether you are wanting to shine onstage, glitter at a special event, or goof off at home, our purpose is to assist you in making your garment dreams a reality.


Pogo has always been a creative person. Since she created her first costume at the tender age of five, she has never stopped designing garments. She graduated at the top of her class from George Brown College in Fashion Techniques and Design. She has had extensive experience designing costumes for the stage, formal occasions, and even for the bedroom.

Pogo’s extensive abilities enable her to accentuate and flatter all body types. Her passion is designing garments that inspire and ignite the imagination! Her experience and knowledge ensure that everything Glitter Prince Designs creates is patterned specifically to your body, so it will fit wonderfully, be designed beautifully, and make you look fantastic!


Ryan 01Ryan is both a performer and a businessman. He took his first role onstage at age three and never left the spotlight. Today, he performs onstage in both male and female roles in musicals, plays, as his drag persona, Dixie Rect, and in burlesque as Sky Blew. In addition to performing, since graduating from the University of Toronto, Ryan has been integral in the founding and growth of a number of businesses.

Ryan uses his excellent interpersonal skills to communicate with clients, fully exploring all the details and delights that you wish to bring to your garment. His fanciful creativity enables the creation of beautiful full colour costume designs for your approval.  His business knowledge allows Glitter Prince Designs to function efficiently, getting you what you need on time, within budget, and with perfect communication.

Glitter Prince Designs

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Glitter Prince Designs is based in Toronto, Canada, and has the ability to work with clients worldwide on orders both large and small.

Our products include dance-wear, fabulous dresses for both the stage and formal events, tear-away burlesque costumes, kids clothes for all ages, swimsuits, corsets, and sleep-wear. Our clients include dance companies, drag performers, burlesque artists, cosplayers, and age players.

Our Process:

  1. You contact us using the web form or by email at GlitterPrinceDesigns@gmail.com
  2. We work individually with each client through a live meeting, on the phone, or virtually, to discover your exact desires, needs, budget, and timeline. You can either provide fabric, we can guide you through fabric selection, or we can source it ourselves.
  3. Our creative team meets to discuss the design, fabric types, construction, and budget. We create a detailed sketch which is sent to you along with proposed budget for approval.
  4. Once we receive a 50% deposit and have your measurements, we begin! This includes
    • Creating a custom pattern specifically for your body
    • Gathering materials
    • Sewing
    • Adding rhinestones, trim, and the details that can make all the difference
  5. If you’re local, you have the option to do a fitting to ensure everything is perfect
  6. Once the garment is finished, we will send you photos and ask for the remaining balance and shipping fee.
  7. We will ship the finished piece directly to you!

Every item we create is a hand-crafted original. We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our materials and workmanship, but on our unique ability to make the visions of our clients into reality.