About Our Creations

Every item Glitter Prince Designs creates is a hand-crafted original. We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our materials and workmanship, but on our unique ability to make the visions of our clients into reality. While we are able to create custom garments of many types, the following are a few of our specialties:



We make costumes for both individual dancers and groups. Since dance costumes are all about movement, we ensure that these costumes not only look incredible but allow the dancers to move effortlessly. We can design everything from simple dance-wear to show stopping solo costumes. We have created dance costumes for ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and musical performances.

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We design costumes for both drag queens and drag kings. Just as there is nothing subtle about a six foot six drag queen, our drag costumes never blend into the background. A drag outfit by Glitter Prince Designs will add over-the-top fabulosity, theatrical flair, and show stopping sparkle.

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14364891_10209301639130088_6674386263315717551_nWith this art form having seen such a resurgence in recent years, we have loved working with artists to create costumes for memorable and dramatic acts. Our garments always stay on until your big reveal. We work with burlesque artists of all genders to ensure the garments look fantastic, can be easily removed, and will last over numerous performances. Many of our clients have even worn these to conventions and parties since the release mechanisms are usually very hidden.

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Our sleep-wear garments are made from soft, comfortable material and include Japanese yukatas, comfy kigurumi’s, adorable footed sleepers, flannel pajama sets, and robes. We work with you to design something truly perfect to relax and enjoy!

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Kids Clothes for All Ages

tumblr_onyio1K4M71rrq1hoo1_1280-001Who hasn’t envied kids clothes with their comfort, fun designs, and bright colours. With Glitter Prince Designs, you can have any type of clothing no matter what your age! We have experience making adorable onesies, themed short-alls, and relaxing rompers for kids of all ages!

Do you have a favourite character, colour scheme or theme? Let us know and we can work with you to create anything your little heart desires!!

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IMG_7273Nothing is worse than an ill-fitting or boring swimsuit. At Glitter Prince Designs, we work with you to design a swimsuit that will make you feel incredible at the pool or beach! We have designed suits for all genders, and have created cosplay inspired swimsuits, fantasy mermaids, outrageous prints, and even matching family swim suits. We work with you to ensure you have a suit that accentuates your body and that will make you comfortable, happy, and confident!

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18035086_10154778062387800_240701342_nWhatever the occasion, Glitter Prince Designs will work with you to create the perfect outfit for your formal occasion. Why not get something truly unique in the world and made just for you?

Our past creations include wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, prom dresses, and sun dresses.

We will work with you to create the exact look, silhouette, and effect you desire.

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