Little Adventurer Outfit

We were approached by someone who wanted us to create an outfit for their group. They had their colours picked out: navy blue, a rich orange, and a medium blue.

They asked for a sash, a bandana, shorts, a hat, and a shirt to be included. They wanted it to wear well outside, to be durable, and be easily recognizable.

We chose to use the orange to accentuate the bandana, the sash, the vent holes in the hat, and also as a detail colour to tie the shorts into the outfit as a whole.

They said that the back of the bandana with the square of orange was quite distinct. The fabric chosen for the orange has a good weight making it strong and durable. The lighter blue is a softer polycotton which makes it soft and pleasant to the touch. The combination of these fabrics makes for a garment that lays really well.

Soon, the sashes will be covered in embroidered patches showing everything they have learned during their get-togethers! Good luck adventurers!!