Pirate Captain

Glitter Prince Designs created a pirate outfit for an event. The costume was loosely based off 1740’s to 1760’s fashion.

The costume is composed of a number of garments creating the layers and richness that come to mind when thinking of the classic pirate captain look.

To achieve the effect, a colour scheme comprising of green, burgundy, and yellow was created. To get the proper colour, the wool of the breeches was dyed green.

The coat, waistcoat, jabot, and breeches all have the same buttons which effectively unifies the various pieces. We also incorporated the fabric of the waistcoat into the cuffs and pockets of the coat, and the waistband of the breeches.

Pirate captains, as one knows, are colourful characters so the splash of bright yellow in the jabot helped portray this.

During the time that pirates ruled the seas, zippers had yet to be invented. The breeches in the costume, utilize a five button drop fly front. This detail helps the actor get into the feel of the character and also allows the fabric to fall properly. Something kept up by a zipper lays very differently than a drop fly front secured with multiple buttons.

Lastly, the shirt has flamboyant ruffled cuffs which spill out from the cuffs of the jacket, completing the look.

When the jacket is removed, the billowing sleeves make for a dramatic look, especially when brandishing a sword!