Matching Winnie the Pooh Short-all

What is cuter than two little brothers in matching outfits?

_MG_3663These two both love the characters from Winnie the Pooh, especially Tigger and Pooh! We had already made them matching onesies so, to complete the outfits, we made these short-alls. As you can see, we used the same fabric in the cuffs as the onesie to make the outfit go together.


By adding little details like character pockets, bee buttons on the sides, and buttons of Pooh and Tigger on the straps, we made these themed outfits look adorable.

We also added themed ribbon to the top of all the pockets and the top of the cuffs. While both boys had Winnie the Pooh ribbon, we chose different ones to give them a little individuality and not to have them 100% matching. They are brothers, not identical twins.


The boys had the best time wearing these outfits at TOMKAT, an ageplay campout in Canada ( ) would love to make outfits for you and someone special to you. Let us know your dream outfits and we will make it happen!!