Red Dress for Bicycle Fundraiser!

Friends for Life is an amazing bike rally that rides the 660 kilometers in six days from Toronto to Montreal each year raising money for people living with HIV and AIDS. On the Tuesday of the ride, most of the 300 or so riders don red dresses and bicycle through the countryside.


We were commissioned to make a red dress for one of those fundraising riders.

We immediately knew that this dress needed to be breathable as he needed to complete around a hundred kilometer ride in our dress. It also needed to be designed so it wouldn’t inhibit his riding nor catch in his bicycle. Equally important, it had to look fabulous!

We used a breathable spandex that allowed him to move without issues. We not only took measurements of his body, but also of his bike to ensure we knew how long it could be without endangering his riding. We added lots of sequined appliques to the dress to make it sparkle as he rode. We also wanted this dress to be perfect for his ride so made a matching custom helmet cover that simply stretched over his bicycle helmet!! The outfit was complete!!

He told us that the dress was the hit of the ride!! He also ended up being a top fundraiser for this successful ride!! He’s planning to wear it to upcoming Halloween parties and even to attend “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”!!

If you are interested in learning more about Friends For Life Bike Rally and the cause they fund-raise for, please go to